ARGESIM is publisher of the series ARGESIM Reports, for Conference Proceedings, Workshop Reports, and Monographs on new developments in system simulation. The series is intended to support publication activities of EUROSIM Societies and co-operation groups.

The special series FBS Simulation - Advances in Simulation / Fortschrittsberichte Simulation is a monograph series mainly intended for publication of theses and reports in system simulation, published in co-operation with ASIM within the series ARGESIM Reports.

All books in the series FBS Simulation and most books in der general series ARGESIM Reports are published as

  • Electronic Book, Open Access, low resolution, b & w
  • Electronic Book, Restricted Access for EUROSIM members, high resolution, colour, and extensions
  • Print Book, in co-operation with TU Verlag (Print-on-Demand), since 2015
  • Print Book, in co-operation with ASIM, publisher's remainder, before 2015

List of ARGESIM Reports including FBS Simulation (prel.)

I. Troch, F. Breitenecker (Eds.)

ARGESIM Report 11, ISBN print: 978-3-901608-00-1, ISBN e-book: 978-3-901608-02-5; DOI: 10.11128/arep.11; ASIM Mitteilung 40B

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