C07 - Constrained Pendulum

The ARGESIM Benchmark C07 Constrained Pendulum comes from classical mechanics. The physical  pendulum hits a pin - a state event, whereby length and angular velocity change discontinuously. Tasks are proper description of the hit (and release) event, either by switching constructs or by structural-dynamic model approaches, influence of nonlinearities, and boundary value calculations.

This benchmark is of high educational interest, as various techniques can be used for the necessary model change, and a proper state space transformation results in much easier hit- and release-events. There is also a clever way around the boundary value problem.

Modellers and simulationists are invited to prepare, to realise, and to submit a

  • C07 Benchmark Solution  with concise description of model implementation and experimentation tasks with a specific modelling approach for dynamics and state events (two pages SNE), or preferably a
  • C07 Benchmark Report with adequate detailed description of model implementation with variants (coordinate transformations, structural-variable model, etc.) and more detailed experiment formulations (four to six pages SNE).