C06 - Emergency Department - Follow-up Treatment

The Benchmark C06 Emergency Department - Follow-up Treatment revises modelling approaches and strategic computer experiments for a small health care unit (post-treatment in a  casualty department). The challenge for classical process-oriented modelling - with wards as stations and patients as entities - is a state-dependent change of available doctors, so that either more complex control strategies are needed, or other approaches may be meaningful. The descriptive parameters for the model - statistical distributions - are based on real-world data of the health care unit.

The benchmark represents a classical introductory case study into process modelling or advanced techniques and is well suited for education in modelling and simulation.

Modellers and simulationists are invited to prepare, to realise, and to submit a

  • C06 Benchmark Solution  with concise description of model implementation and experimentation tasks with a specific modelling approach (two pages SNE), or preferably a
  • C06 Benchmark Report with adequate detailed description of model implementation with variants and more detailed experiment formulations (four to six pages SNE).