C22 - Non-standard Queuing Policies

The benchmark C22 Non-standard Queuing Policies studies three non-standard queues with practical relevance: the reneging queue, where entities leave a queue after a given waiting time, the jockeying queue, where entities can switch to another shorter queue, and the classing queue, where at certain time entities with a given attribute ("class") are called to the front of the queue.

Challenges are a proper modelling approach and a suitable implementation, especially in case of concurrency, and the evaluation of the dynamic behaviour. On the one side, this benchmark is a challenge for discrete simulation systems, and on the other side this benchmark is very suited for education of beginners in modelling and implementation area.

Modellers and simulationists are invited to prepare, realise, and submit a

  • C22 Benchmark Report with sufficient and adequate documentation of implementations and results with one or two of the case studies, or a
  • C22 Benchmark Study presenting aditionally e.g. different / alternative / comparative modelling approaches and sketching analysis variants or supplemental model experiments, with all three case studies.