C16 - Restaurant Business Dynamics

Benchmark C16 Restaurant Business Dynamics addresses modelling, simulation and optimisation of a discrete dynamic system. The business system under examination is restaurant operating: depending on financial results (from guests living in the neighbourhood), restaurants open branches in an adequate surrounding or close down. Strategic parameters are tax rate and structural distance to new branch restaurants - to be investigates and optimised in an adequate discrete (stochastically influenced) model (process model, agent-based model, statistical anlysis, event model...).

This benchmark addresses not only the simulation community, it is an interesting calculation task for everybody, and allows various approaches, e.g. also generic algorithmic ones. Consequently, the benchmark is a basis for various education areas, also suited for spreadsheet calculation.

Modellers and simulationists are invited to prepare, to realise, and to submit a

  • C16 Benchmark Solution  with concise description of model implementation and experimentation tasks with a specific modelling approach (two pages SNE), or preferably a
  • C16 Benchmark Report with adequate detailed description of model implementation with variants and more detailed experiment formulations (four to six pages SNE).