C20 - Complex Production System

Benchmark C20 Complex Production System is intended to be used as a foundation for analyzing manufacturing control systems, by comparing different simulation techniques and/or control algorithms regarding complexity and dynamics.

The Benchmark C20 Complex Production System - extending essentially the 'classical' Benchmark C02 Flexible Assembly System - is based on two dimensions, defining a total of twelve different scenarios that differ in their complexity and dynamic behavior.

This benchmark is a challenging one for expert users in discrete process simulation and for discrete simulation systems – educational aspects can be found at implementation level.

Modellers and simulationists are invited to prepare, raelise, and submit submit a

  • C20 Benchmark Report with sufficient and adequate documentation of implementations and results, or a
  • C20 Benchmark Study presenting aditionally e.g. different / alternative / comparative modelling approaches and sketching analysis variants or supplemental model experiments.