ARGESIM Benchmarks

The ARGESIM Benchmarks for Modelling Approaches and Simulation Implementations have emerged from the almost classical ARGESIM Comparions of Simulation Software - with definitions and documentations of results of implementations ('solutions') published in the journal SNE - Simulation Notes Europe (prev. Simulation News Europe). The benchmarks (prev. comparisons) are still based on transparent, manageable und easily comprehensible systems, which are to be modelled and simulated, in the framework of a case study from applications. The ARGESIM Benchmarks put emphasis on modelling and as well as on model analysis and  experiments with the models, from classical time domain analyisis to structural analysis and nonclassical evaluation methods (' tasks').

Modellers and simulationsis are invited to take the challenge to prepare, realise and submit a

  • Benchmark Solution  with concise description of model implementation and experimentation tasks (two pages SNE), or a
  • Benchmark Report with sufficient detailed description of model implementation with variants and adequate experiment formulations (four to six pages SNE), or a
  • Benchmark Study presenting e.g. different / alternative / comparative modelling approaches and sketching analysis variants or supplemental model experiments (six to ten pages SNE).

ARGESIM started the benchmark series as comparison series in 1990, updating and revising definitions due to development in system simulation. Up to now twentythree benchmarks have been defined (C01 - C21, CP1, CP2). The newer benchmarks address different modelling approaches and simulation paradigms with more complex experiments, as basis for benchmark studies.