Aims and Scope

Simulation Notes Europe (SNE) provides an international, high-quality forum for presentation of new ideas and approaches in simulation - from modelling to experiment analysis, from implementation to verification, from validation to identification, from numerics to visualisation - in context of the simulation process.

SNE seeks to serve scientists, researchers, developers and users of the simulation process across a variety of theoretical and applied fields in pursuit of novel ideas in simulation and to enable the exchange of experience and knowledge through descriptions of specific applications. SNE puts special emphasis on the overall view in simulation, and on comparative investigations, as benchmarks and comparisons in methodology and application. Additionally, SNE welcomes also contributions in education in / for / with simulation.

SNE, primarily an electronic journal, follows an open access strategy, with free download in basic layout. SNE ist the official membership journal of EUROSIM, the federation of European simulation societies and simulation groups. Members of EUROSIM societies are entitled to download SNE in an elaborate and extended layout, and to access additional sources of benchmark publications, model sources, etc. Print SNE is available for specific groups of EUROSIM societies.

Since SNE is open access, the final published version of the articles can be archived in institutional or funder repositories and can be made publicly accessible immediately.

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