C21 - State Events and Structural-dynamic Systems

In Benchmark C21 State Events and Structural-dynamic Systems, three case studies compare modelling and implementation of state events in dynamic systems, up to structural-dynamic systems governed by state events. The first case study, the almost classical bouncing ball dynamics investigates different kinds of bounce modelling and implementation with associated events. In the second case study, Switching RLC Circuit, different diode models result in simple switching state events or in DAE systems. The third case study is structural-dynamic by itself: the rotating pendulum with free falling phase changes dynamics from swinging to falling (an vice versa) – switching between different degrees of freedom. 

Modellers and simulationists are invited to prepare, realise, and submit a

  • C21 Benchmark Report with sufficient and adequate documentation of implementations and results with one or two of the case studies, or a
  • C21 Benchmark Study presenting aditionally e.g. different / alternative / comparative modelling approaches and sketching analysis variants or supplemental model experiments, with all three case studies.