C06 - Emergency Department - Follow-up Treatment

The Benchmark C06 Emergency Department - Follow-up Treatment revises modelling approaches and strategic computer experiments for a small health care unit (post-treatment in a  casualty department). The challenge for classical process-oriented modelling - with wards as stations and patients as entities - is a state-dependent change of available doctors, so that either more complex control strategies are needed, or other approaches may be meaningful. The descriptive parameters for the model - statistical distributions - are based on real-world data of the health care unit.

Modellers and simulationists are invited to prepare, to realise, and to submit a

  • C06 Benchmark Solution  with concise description of model implementation and experimentation tasks with a specific modelling approach (two pages SNE), or preferably a
  • C06 Benchmark Report with adequate detailed description of model implementation with variants and more detailed experiment formulations (four to six pages SNE).